FREE Pet Detector Upgrade

Pets are a big part of a lot of lives and unfortunately, security detection units struggle to tell the difference between a burglar and a black lab! To do our best to resolve the issue, we offer FREE Pet-Detecor upgrades to all of our Burglar Alarm Package customers.

At no extra charge, we will upgrade your standard PIR Detectors to our advanced system programmed to tell the difference between a 5 foot furry friend and 6 foot problem! These units will remain inactive when your pets are around, allowing you to leave them to roam free around the house when your not at home and still have the complete security of your WSS Group alarm in place.

For more information on upgrading your package, how you can get our Pet Detectors or even just how they work, call us on 0141 950 9005 or drop us a Quote, Here.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.