Do you Need CCTV Security?

Closed Circuit Television Cameras are common place these days, everywhere from shops to street corners, parks to offices, but what about having your own CCTV, watching your property or street? More and more people are taking their home security past the point of an alarm system and demand constant eyes on their homes and possessions, but is it right for you? Does the average home owner living in a Scottish city or town need this kind of home security?

57% of Burglaries happen when someone is home. A frightening fact, the greatest burglar alarm in the world is useless useless when its not on!

Is it Legal?

CCTV may be simpler, cheaper and more efficient than ever before and it can be a case of simply picking up a webcam and pointing it at your front door! Complications arise when footage may be recorded out with your own property, cameras with your neighbours window in the frame for instance would be a violation of The Human Rights Act.

A security camera on its own is a powerful deterrent for petty theft and most small time criminals would be extremely wary of such a device, some may find cameras have never recorded a minutes footage in their lives but stopped plenty of potential burglaries. On the other hand a high security item my signal to an intruder that greater riches lie inside and his risk factor increases dramatically as the potential reward goes up.

Is it right for me?

As with most thing, there a PRO’s and CON’s to this one but installing home CCTV may well be for you.

  • Always On, Always Watching
  • Huge Crime Deterrent
  • Prosecution Evidence
PRO’s of Home CCTV
  • …Always Watched
  • Raising Suspicion with Neighbours
  • Expense
CON’s of Home CCTV

In Conclusion

If you spend a good deal of time at home and fear the safety of your family or valuables may be at risk, a custom home CCTV system would be greatly beneficial. Camera Systems have proven throughout Scotland that they can deter crime and help improve the quality of living in almost any area.
Quiet estates or suburb areas may have a higher potential ‘reward’ but the level of crime is not only low in numbers but low in stature. Pety theft, spontaneous criminal activity and opportune thieves thrive on simple mistakes made by residents and often there are far more cost effective solutions to keeping your home safe than adding advanced technology and security to your home.

For more information on how you can keep your home safe, with or without the use of Home CCTV, give us a call or drop us an Email today. We look forward to hearing from you!