Your Advanced Burglar Alarm Includes

  • NSI Certificate of Conformance
  • Custom Live Siren with WSS Logo
  • Award Winning Enforcer Control Panel
  • Complete System, Fully Installed & Guaranteed
  • Custom Decoy Siren with WSS Logo
  • 4 X Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)
  • 1 X Magnetic Door Contact
  • 2 X High Quality Proximity Tags

Monitoring Options (Optional)

Your system will stand alone and will not be monitored by any external services. When triggered your alarm will function as intended, alerting anyone nearby of potential danger to your home. Your alarm will rely solely on itself and its ability to alert and deter potential intruders.

Total Cost: £0

You or your selected users will be notified by SMS, Telephone Call or Smartphone App (iPhone or Android) in the event of an alarm activation. You can be notified any time your alarm is triggered, wether its to tell you your alarm system has been shut down when the kids got home from school or your system has been triggered while your on holiday, you’ll always have control of your home.

A telephone line is not required as we use the latest GSM hardware with World-SIM. Setup cost of £48 plus £4.75 per month. All costs are included other that your Smartphones data usage. The Smartphone App lets you Set and UnSet each of the four areas, check the status of devices and review the event log. Notifications are sent for alarms and each time the system is Set or UnSet. If the SMS or Telephone Call option is preferred, our Alarm Receiving Centre will contact each of the key-holders until a response is received.

One-Off Payment: £84

In addition to the User Notification features above, the Alarm Receiving Centre will also contact the Police when the specified conditions are met. Wether your at work or abroad, your home and valuables will have the highest amount of security watching over them at all times.

Please refer to Information on Confirmation as required by BS 8243 for Sequentially Confirmed Alarms. A Unique Reference Number (URN) must be requested from the Police at a subsidised cost of £48 (this is a one-off payment for the allocation of a URN). Additional monthly cost of £3.80. Please note these costs are in addition to the User Notification costs.

One-Off Payment: £136.19

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Enforcer Wireless Control Panel

The Enforcer is a complete two way wireless control panel using wireless devices manufactured by Pyronix Ltd. Each device on the Enforcer is a transmitter and a receiver, offering the installer a status reading at both the Enforcer control panel, and the wireless device. Find out more at

  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) & 4 Level Sets
  • 32 Wireless inputs & 2 Wired Inputs
  • 4 level Sets & 80 User Codes
  • 12V Auxiliary output / back up battery time 12 hours
Keypad Enforcer

Questions & Answers

What is the ‘Advanced Burglar Alarm package?

In addition to the components provided with the Essential Package, the Advanced Alert package includes three PIR detectors and three proc fob and a decoy siren to cover larger areas of your home with a warning to potential intruders.

The Advanced Burglar Alarm System is perfect for Families and allows both parents to be in control and know exactly whats going on in their house whenever they’re not there.

What is the difference between this package and the others?

The Advanced Burglar Alarm Package is a beefed up version of our great value Essential kit. The same premium quality alarm components with extra features to cover more space, entrances & exits and multiple users.
The Advanced Burglar Alarm package is a fantastic middle ground for those needing that extra protection while keeping the overall costs at a minimum.

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What will be my total cost of having this system installed?

Our Alarm Packages are always priced as what you pay. We have no hidden costs, VAT is included and there is No Obligation to take out any kind of contract or maintenance. What you see is what you pay.

Complete Installation of the Premium Package is currently £469 with a Year 2 maintenance charge of £9.95 per month.

Is this System upgradable?

The beauty of our Home Security Packages is that they are made up of hand picked components and put together to suit the average home, business or property. Adding additional components is as easy as selecting what you want and where you want it, for further advice on what is best for your needs, just give us a call or try out our online Cost Calculator to see just how much more you can add to whatever budget you set.

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The Advanced Burglar Alarm package builds on the great essentials system, made to hold everything you need to secure a wide range of properties. This package excels in small to medium property types, larger homes with multiple entry points or more than one main entrance may struggle to feel completely secure with the 2nd tier system. Our highest level package adds additional components to lock your home home down and defends its biggest weaknesses.

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What Comes with your Advanced Burglar Alarm Package?

Everyone knows what a Wireless Burglar Alarm is, not all of us are familiar with detectors, contacts, fobs and tags, not often found in cheap alarm bundles. Here we’ve laid out a little mor information on what it all means and what you can expect in your Alarm Package along with your Wireless Bellbox. If you have any more questions, our in-house staff are just a call away, on (0141) 950 9004, or, use our Quote Me! form for a speedy reply. We look forward to hearing from you.

4 x Passive Infrared Detectors

A Passive Infrared Sensor or PIR, (Right) is an electronic device that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. Apparent motion is detected when an infrared source with one temperature, such as a human, passes in front of an infrared source with another temperature, such as a wall.

  • Pyronix two way wireless technology
  • Instant two way device control (ITDC)
Magnetic Door Contact

The Wireless Magnetic Door Contact is a small device that attaches itself to your door and door frame, when the door is opened, the magnetic link is separated and your alarm (when on) is activated. A simple and extremely effective device.

2 x Proximity tags

The Proximity Tag or FOB is a wireless device that tells your Security System you are nearby and allows you to activate and deactivate your system without the need of wires, codes and other remotes.

If your home is in need of more, thats exactly what we have to offer. With more components for a larger coverage, more users, alerts to your mobile from approved receiving centres and much more, take a look at our Essential and Premium packages now!
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